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Tell you three words: arrogance!Even if the central bank issued digital currency, it is impossible to replace the paper money, two parallel even they use for a long time.
This mea that the yuan as a after the dollar, euro, sterling and the yen, the fifth kind of international currency.
The Malaysian currency symbol for \The tang dynasty is the most important money?The currency is the real currency?Class: poetry is new to the beauty of poetry to the ? ? everybody to want to note that the currency price there is a big risk.
Three to some can t use the currency of the country or region, is only a cash payment.
Infinite money a traaction should be confirmed three times, each time confirmed need to 3 seconds, trade confirmatio very fast.
Took plate, support the two, there is no you simply do not undetand the team up.
The pictures from the network, if there is any infringement please suggest to delete.
It is easy to undetand, the dollar is the currency of the traffic all over the world, even more money, and also in the world to share, will, of coue, low inflation in the United States.
Is simple point said to madness to print money.
Monetary fund size is bigger, the better?Foreign currency can be easily in the bank, part of the hotel, international airport, and in the big cities of cash for the New Zealand currency exchange desk.
Banks sell the dolla to buy the yen from 82.
8 EUJPY BID rate, for the bank to buy sold yen and the euro can be split into bank buying euros selling dolla and sell yen, buy dolla, bank exchange rate by 0.
6770 and 82.
7 respectively, the BID price = 82.
677 = 122.
16 in the same way: ASK price = 82.
6753 = 122.
61 EUJPY = 122.

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