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wallet invest

Due to a series of events which caused by the subprime mortgage crisis and its dramatically changed the structure of the financial system with the central bank s operation mode, therefore, the book almost all about this aspect of the content to rewrite.
As a financial worke, it seems to me that at present, China s central bank has not yet entered the period of quantitative easing monetary policy, but if is assumed, can talk about my views on this issue.
Including the interbank lending market, paper market, short-term government bonds market, large negotiable certificates of deposit market and market of the repo market five children.
So digital currency in people impression is fraud, suffered severe supervision in China.
As shown in the above, this is ABC DECP pue digital currency closed, just closed beta, a small scale at present only a handful of provinces and regio can participate in the white list of use (specific is that city are still unclear, interested people can inquire) digital currency should be 6 sets of the form of currency in China, that is to say the fifth set of RMB 19 edition of big probability will become our country currency issued the last set of entities.
Digital currency issued by the central bank as well as virtual currency?But if the second half of this year or next year, the market value of the currency to continue promotion of or more than 70% and is expected to hit 80% of its value, so no matter from the market value of ways, or the current value of the currency coeus view is no digital currency to replace the currency.
Is such, generally every country has the central bank, the bank is the bank specific monetary policy and money, such as the People s Bank of China of our country.
Under the current management policy is: often can be freely convertible and that is to say, if you buy foreign products (whether tangible goods or services), can trade with valid documents to apply for foreign exchange purchase - which is why you use a credit card coumption can use renminbi to buy remit abroad;And the yuan s exchange rate for the 1-0.
So the digital currency does not have monetary value attributes.
Beginning in December 2018, balance treasure to launch a service shopping give a red envelope, kun peng theory in the largest red envelopes for 9 yuan, a few yuan in listening to other people say him, to estimate these days, the balance of Po using this money activities and took many use in the past.
In order to support the peso, April 27, Argentina has sung the peso fit gun battle, the central bank raised rates by 300 basis points, its benchmark interest rate rose to 27.
25% from 30.
Second, rapid redemptive, is actually a bank or fund company provide advances for you, is to use their money to pay you fit, at the same time a redemption itructio, wait you of money to the account and then return a bank or fund company;Shareholde in currency, it shall be deposited the money paid in full in a limited liability company to open account in the bank;Balance is actually treasure money funds, either choose to celestica balance treasure, or other third party funds of the company s products, the nature is the same.
In terms of commodity value, (1) production technology improvement, labor productivity, if reduce the social necessary labor time for products, reduce the value of goods, so before the production of this kind of goods can t realize the value of the original;Finally directly to a hardcore, the market price reference table.

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